Edward Acland – artist & woodworker

Bone Design

Over many years, Edward has gathered objects and ‘stuff’ from a bygone age which are stored in the Mill’s 565 drawers. He has also housed a lot of the more unusual arisings from the holding in labeled jars, which are displayed on redundant shelves from a doctor’s surgery. The contents of the jars are his chosen ‘art’ medium.

“…it represents the heart and soul substance of life gathered from our place and, I hope, reveals the often unnoticed, hidden potential of what is usually discarded as waste. This ‘waste’ medium thus becomes a creative resource. I enjoy fusing this stuff of life together…being led by the stuff…. even humbled by it…becoming part of it myself.

All of this is an endeavor to connect with the incredibly complicated web and fabric of life on planet Earth itself. My personal crusade, through all aspects of daily routine, is to help myself and others to use my/our creativeness to connect to the full potential of what life and lifestyles can really offer….so that by and by humankind can actually be of benefit to sustaining the well being of the aliveness of all that surrounds us”.


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