Sprint Mill


Sprint Mill is one of the oldest mills in Cumbria. Set in 15 acres on a bend of the river Sprint in Burneside, the mill is a place of inspiration and beauty. The holding is owned and run by Edward and Romola Acland, and is one of Natural England’s Environmental Stewardship schemes. The collections include a historic 1840 water mill and a wealth of old hand tools associated with rural crafts, such as the antique ‘compost chopper’ and treadle lathes. In the grounds of the mill, the Aclands manage wildflower meadows and hedgerows using traditional techniques.

Says owner Edward: “It has 968 panes of glass in the windows… 565 drawers containing a collection from a bygone age, with cagmagery and bits and pieces galore. The old is made new with the Sprintmilling arts collective displaying their wares all over the place, inside and out, and extraordinary phenomenon like the spanner phone and a sonata for diesel engine and cross-cut saws.”

During C-Art, bring a picnic to sit beside the river, spend hours exploring the building and its collections, and talk to the artists who have made it their home.

Sprint Mill is an extraordinary experience.


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